Online Exhibition “Monochrome – Vol.1” NAKABAYASHI × IKEDA


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We are organizing an online exhibition to introduce Tadayoshi NAKABAYASHI and Toshihiko IKEDA, two Japanese copperplate print artists.

Tadayoshi NAKABAYASHI is recognized as a leader in copperplate engraving in Japan , and his works are housed in many museums both in Japan and abroad, including major museums in Japan.
He is currently a professor emeritus at Tokyo University of the Arts, and has also been awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon.
Additionally, NAKABAYASHI has nurtured numerous young talents as an educator.

Toshihiko IKEDA, a rising star in the field of copperplate printmaking, seeks to depict the “limits of humanity” through remarkably intricate stippling.
And IKEDA is also the last disciple of NAKABAYASHI.

Through this mentor-disciple exhibition, we hope you will enjoy the beauty and intricacies of the Japanese copperplate printmaking field.

Tadayoshi Nakabayashi 中林 忠良
Born in Tokyo in 1937. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School. He studied under Tetsuro Komai, mastered copperplate engraving, and later became a professor at his alma mater. He has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prix at the 4th Print Grand Prix Exhibition in 1973. He is currently a professor emeritus at Tokyo University of the Arts.

■title: Transposition’89-Ground-II (転位’89-地-II)
■year of production: 1989
■media: etching, aquatint on paper
■size: H44.5 × W65.5 cm
■edition number: 50

■title: “Transposition-Ground-1986” – IV (「中林忠良銅版画集 転位-地-1986」– IV)
■year of production: 1986
■media: etching, aquatint on paper
■size: H30.5 × W34.5 cm
■edition number: 50

Toshihiko Ikeda 池田 俊彦
Born in Hachioji City,Tokyo in 1980. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School. Having won various awards, in 2013 (33 years old), he spent a year in London as an overseas trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, deepening his knowledge about art and practicing his own techniques.

■title: The fist new human race
■year of production: 2017
■media: etching on paper
■size: H27 × W27 cm
■edition number: 10

■title: The smiling old king -beautiful black horns- (笑う老王 -美しい黒い角-)
■year of production: 2014
■media: etching on paper
■size: H100 × W70 cm
■edition number: 9